Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mark ( The G man ) drew the Jail Bird one early morning as we routine our way the Big S (Staaawbucks). As he created it and as this drawing existed within our realm - I knew it would have an impact upon a cool dude with a fancy , cool , too cool for school, graph-oholic , skate aficionado type of home - In deed it sold to a fanatical skate soul ...another one into the unknown. 

 I met this invisible princess at the LACMA - The Los Angeles County Museum of Art - The only thing that was apparent was her mid 1950's "beige silk kit"...Its the kind of apparel you ought to be a Saint ( nowadays definitely an angel), or passably, like an Olivia Newton John pre-hell raiser ( See Grease) not to walk in kitten heels and boast your figure with this kind of setting - This hollywood raised tigress had one hell of an allure!

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