Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kings Cross - London - February 2012. 
Sophie Ebrard's pad - Sophie was introduced to me by her husband in 2010. Only Thierry, was initially my "pal" or my "client" as I should say since 2003. I used to take-in his trousers, measure and hem them too, when he'd pop by at the shop. From there grew a friendship. One day he introduced me to his wife, and there - it was love at first sight - ( I was no longer in the shop). Sophie is another artist I treasure the work. Her photography is beyond - on point. Its sharp, experimental, brave and bloody crisp. The porn set tour that lasted month, led towards an amazing portofolio and exhibition. Her determination has a lot of merit, and unlike those who try...Sophie Ebrard, in an effortless way, succeeds and excels...I trusted her to portray Mark and I, on one of our endless journeys across life...

(click to enlarge and see more on her website- link below)

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