Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Curiously enough, I would have never thought I would want to keep Lolita Lempicka this secret. As all tarnished brands did their renewals, and now are wisely collaborating with H&M, as peasants can't afford couture...Their revivals are for some more successful than others. For Lolita Lempicka there is no such thing, nore the desire ( yet) to dive into the RE-BIRTH. Fuck it, as Paulina says : " being -has been- is in now". So to flirt with Lempicka's design its by apointement only.
I'm the rare priviledge people to access the alibaba cave. Lolita Lempicka's design's puts any Montana, Mugler, and the majors masters of the times back on their spot. Lempicka is phenomenal, sexy and FUN - Its not only about that ├╝ber powerful, working girl of the 1980s its got - sorry - but its inevitable that Lolita twist to it. 
( Ignore my flimsy Monoprix shirt for kids, its about that narly LL skirt )

That forearm laced top...Divine

The tailored perforated jacket...Major.

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