Thursday, May 19, 2016


Over the pretty and neatly organising agriculture parcels. 


I adore airports, to the point I consider these landmarks as monuments, and as part of my site seeing. They translate the cultural major topics of the country. Starbucks for America, Illy for Italy, La Caretta for Miami, Peet's for San Francisco, Ballantines Whisky for Edimburgh...etc. I love analysing what the minister of culture considers iconic. I love gazing at the people transiting, all these cultures you can talk to if you brave to. I was stunned by the billboard and the luminescence of The Kiss by Klimt upon arriving at the airport. 

Saint Stephen's Cathedral is pretty...and very very crowded. 

On my way to Mr Wurm I also bummed into these little rascals. I thought these wonderful and joyful kids were so fun, I could have joined the march. In their traditional outfits rallying for their beliefs, teenagers and the old folks seemed to all have a ball.

All these videos are from the exhibition at MOMUK, which is simply the best I've seen in ages. BODY-PSYCHE & TABOO

The infinite little part of the gorgeous settings at Erwin's house in the center of Vienna, the work of precise and perfect harmony is the result of his wife fine taste. Here Erwin stands by a Cindy Sherman piece, an artist I find particularly bewitching. The full edition of our conversation will be published later on this year.

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