Thursday, March 24, 2016


I would like to pencil how wonderful, fun, and cool the art and "non art" community is, in Rotterdam - Holland. Launching the 6th issue of AÏE magazine at the concept store Nen Xavier was thrilling. 

Being a guest of Nen Xavier and collaborating with Nen, and his team in this modern city, and with the support of amazingly talented, focused and visionary friends was an honor. 

I would like to thank Citizen M hotels for welcoming all shapes and forms of entrepreneurial people, whether start-ups, or solo artists, Citizen M advocates a highly philanthropic approach in their awareness of building projects. 

Traveling is being enriched by an experience and the discovery of another spectrum is a learning. As I find Citizen M hotels advocates this narrative, I hope I've ticked their goal.

I would like to show my sincere appreciation to Bobby's Dry Gin for allowing us to savor their delectable spiced gin. God knows, I should know what I delicious gin is. I was raised with it. I was introduced to Bombay Sapphire by my uncle on my 12th Christmas. 

Not only the ethics and the story of Bobby's Dry Gin is 100% on point, its refined taste of is based on the founding brothers grand father recipe, and its a prowess.

AÏE at Citizen M Rotterdam.

 My Collages based around the super model Laeticia Casta for the launch at Nen Xavier shop.

My collage based on my obcession for Powerpuffgirls for the launch at Nen Xavier store.

The collages, and the art hanging from the ceiling at Nen Xavier's shop.

The Cube houses we kept being fixated with. We were highly puzzled and intrigued as to how it would be to live inside.

I only noticed the Cube Houses might have been a tourist attraction as I was researching the location of our Hotel.


Our journey back home was based on sky starring. Much of it was being captivated by non charming wind turbines.

 Bobby's Gin time in my room at Citizen M after work.

The given creative space at Citizen M made the expedition to Holland simply so fun.

Its vital to reiterate that The Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens (1789) which keep being neglected as if it were an abstract concept. Its a document we will always rally for and combat to protect. 

Its crucial in these times to echo compassion and indulgence towards one another. Not always or only setting money at the core of the conversation, and prioritize the exchange of products, knowledge, services or ideas can be as fruitful. 

In these dark times its fundamental to advocate my uncompromising love to my treasured country France and my city, Paris. It goes without saying to the rest of the Europe and the world.



 The installation with the tear sheets of AÏE 6 and showcasing the works of Ivory Serra on the first floor.
AÏE 6 The Surrealist Issue - at the concept store Nen Xavier.

Once again Thank you to Bobby's Dry Gin, for really adding the spice to the opening.

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