Friday, February 7, 2014


I could not resist a Raymond Pettibon towel from the MOCA - Its huge, its great, and it'll do a nice bead spread.

The ACE hotel just opened four weeks ago in Downtown Los Angeles, and they already celebrating that with all the cool kids on block. I'm a little too old for this game, too hipster galore, with weird hair Does and definitely Don't.

If only the maire of Paris could do a HELLO PARIS with a big smiley face, so that Parisians don't forget that, OPTIMISM is the key to longevity, and fun, loving time. 

Downtown L.A has his new ACNE Studio shop, its really pretty and disturbing. It sits on Broadway, where a few homeless park, who seem puzzled seeing hipsters walk their walk. 

Our little rendez-vous at Next Model Management in Los Angeles and Matt Dillon's spirit.

James and I at his John Lautner house. The view from the Hills, is impressive. Serious deforestation damage is getting to Jim however. Ruthless entrepreneurs are jeopardising the landscape, in order to build carelessly mediocre homes. But still the view is one of a kind, I suppose I don't know what it used to be.

The future club James, so incredibly beautiful. a few years, once its done, I intend to have my little party there to inaugurate it ;)

This is where James and his friends chill, rest, and sip on cocktails whilst watching pro tennis players train.

James by Kenny Sharf

The view... again from another room.

The patches I got at the amazing book fair.
A whole pack of Peter Sutherland's patches !! 

Art happens at 4am in the hotel.

This is the ballroom entrance where the film Blow was filmed, when Penelope and Johnny are at the hight of the game, and they throw that big party, I think its for her b-day...I can't recall the context of the scene exactly. 
I have to see Blow again. Like  I have to see The Game too, as I was staying at The Palace hotel in San Francisco. I realised this was where Michael Douglas falls down from the roof top and brakes the greenhouse glass, where everyone is expecting him in the ball room...

The Look - The Jun Takahashi look SS14 by UNDERCOVER - 
The embroidery is out of this world.
LOVE LOVE it thank you UNDERCOVER for the support.

View from the ACE hotel.

Ceiling at the Biltmore hotel.

Breakfast with my beloved Seth before heading to the Book Fair, 
I guess James was on my mind...

Its freezing BTW in L.A - and L.A is tripping over my fur, everyone wants to touch it...i think its funny.

Trippy installations

So was AÏE 

Insane Holograms

Palm Trees...LOVE


OHWOW book IMPACT soo funny, like literally hilarious.

Other stand, another great stand.

Having an orgasm at the sight of my new patches by the one and only Peter Sutherland !!

Bumping into the legendary Ari

And his artwork


Très cool...super antisocial. Loved them, they would not tell me what WSSF stands for. I looked online W.S.S.F stands for World Ski & Snowboard Festival...not too sure if we're referring to the same thing. Clearly not.

The crystal Room at the Biltmore Hotel...
Gloomy, creepy and so lovely, a little à la Shinning.

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