Saturday, December 14, 2013


Its Out...Anja's 25 Magazine based on Narcissism is out...
The photographer Ezra Petronio and I collaborated on making Magdalena Frackowiak look like a semi goddess, semi mermaid, semi crazy-horse stripper, semi Victoria Secret Angel, semi Sports Illustrated cover girl, semi Playmate, semi Aphrodite...In other words - TOO BLOODY HOT TO HANDLE. Whatever you can assign to beauty, unparallel's her assets. Magdalena has it all. Some people are just blessed...
Below I had written a little piece of feeling, upon what happens when you encounter your dream.

This is when I meet the supermodel I'm going to work with all day and listen to her amazing life. 
Despite feeling great about myself as I wake up, singing while bathing and sporting my fresh new cologne. As I'm walking a guy mildly checks me out in the metro, which puts me already over the moon, as I'm joyfully drinking my Chai tea latte with my cool customised Tod's which I'm hopeful will impress, - This is what happens when I arrive on set...
"Why has she got to be so pretty..."

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