Sunday, November 10, 2013


AÏE love's Christian Dior, as much as Morrissey did. You've heard it all before, but It's relevant to underline the elegance of French fashion houses. Their civic-mindedness leaves me puzzled, makes me happy and ultimately enables us to be productive. 

Below I tied blow-up dolls for an up-coming still life. 
There is a sex shop I enjoy, for the owner treats me - NOW- like a respectable client. Sex Shop holders, are uncommonly condescending. 
Any sales assistant from the avenue Montaigne, Bond Street, 5th Avenue, or Ginza, are Santa's elf in comparison. 

They behead you with a stare, as if you were the vicious perverted cow entering the premises, and he's the saint for selling the stuff.

Anyhow, we're cool now.  
He's the perverted bastard ripping off desperate guys, and I'm the editor fishing for thrills.

Collaborating with inflatable dolls, is a headache. They hate being dressed-up, and won't shut-up!! I was once told "patience is a virtue"; I guess men, on some occasions, and accordingly of course, can be very virtuous...

In order to counter their attitude, I tied the dolls and released a few lingering sadist impulses. The cockiest, big mouthed dog, had earned it - She slept upside down. 

AÏE adore's the collaboration between Christian Dior & Andy Warhol's estate. I attached these splendid slippers with my efficient roping skills.

Cette chienne de vie, il faut savoir lui trouver ces bon côtés tout de même....

Nobuhiko Kitamura's brand HYSTERIC GLAMOUR is the quintessence of cool, and collaborating with Nobuhiko, the founder and the designer, is a one hell of a reward.
HYSTERIC GLAMOUR & PLAYBOY's collaboration is fun, sexy and cool.

I came across legendary art director/photographer Ezra Petronio who noticed  the "Girls be Bunnies" shirt. Ezra does not play with words, for like any notorious and revered artists, talk is cheap, talk is time, and time is gold.

 To counter the clock, Ezra triggers with his camera (his alter-ego to some extent). As the result of magic chemistry pop's out, he assesses, discusses, accepts or rejects projects, and thus, by the means of his renowned Polaroids, sometimes a story is born...To be continued.

Till life takes your apart.

Portraits by Mr Petronio in ode to Mr Kitamura.

Devon Oaki for Hysteric Glamour back in the days...

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