Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Now...This was one hell of a precious moment. 
Pharell Williams performed for his friend Takashi Murukami in 2010, for he was invited to exhibit at the Palace of Versailles. I was once again the luckiest girl on earth at that precise moment, no really, no one got this lucky that night.
Pharell had all the girls ONLY, come join him on stage during his performance. 

We danced, he broke my earrings, I broke my heel, but UNFORTUNATELY he did not torn my dress!! ;) Actually its a vintage piece, irreplaceable, I would have been mildly annoyed had he shred it, in an run-up for romance...but of course Alex.

 Oh well, I just found this image, and it brought me back his coolness, his refreshing sympathy, his genius, and to his, To Die for looks. Like Cinderella I left the Palace of Versailles before I looked aggravatingly ugly!!

My favourite brand, my friends are geniuses.
 Long live ROCKERS NYC.

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