Thursday, September 12, 2013


My Oh My, this is one hell of a show. Drop your beef, drop your feuds, drop gf's and bf's, drop deadlines, forget to shower, do DRESS to IMPRESS, and run to the show before you miss it.

AD magazine is curating with Artcurial, Métamorphose. An exhibition which reunites fifteen worldwide renowned interior designers. These have created in a stunning XVIIth century hôtel particulier what your dreams could not even fathom. For the hopeless in interior design culture, and by this I sadly include myself, this show will blow your mind.

The "Hugging chair" by Malherbe Design.
I couldn't careless about anything, and less of the ridicule, but I did behave this time. Only they wanted me to sit on the chair, and experience a hug! I wonder if I look that desperate for a hug in life.

You purchase this chair, you acquire a happening. 
Its about the furniture becoming interactive with men. A table, unseen here, had a ballet dancer underneath gently strokes you as you passed. I was amused seeing those who were a little bemused about the touchy-touchy side of the design.

Never mind if the whims of oligarchs push designers to transgress their own imagination, in fact great. Even better, I say, the richest of the rich can challenge them into resourcing the rarest materials and defy their own fantasy. 

The result of Metamorphose is a spectacle to the eye. From marble cased speakers, to an ostrich feather seat, to woven gold leaves incrusted in humble fabrics, the engineering and the genie of these interior designers is put to the test and for the best.

Our national gem, Mr Vincent Darré. 
His interpretation of the space was in harmony with his universe.
The little bedroom was an ode to Le Petit Prince by the aristocrat and writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

I felt like a mermaid in her shell on this meridian. Every button is by Murano, coated inside with silver leafs. 

This stuffed bull was killed before he had the chance to defy men. The whistler messed up, and whistled in his left ear, when it should always be on the right. The bull after two days in the dark, ran to a wall and ended his days, here he remains. The flock of butterflies inside the bull's stomach signifies the meeting between bestiality and fragility.

Maria Pergay has been for decades Silvia Fendi's protégé, here is where I had the funnest time bumping into our dandy punk hero Ramdane Touhami.

Métamorphose leads to an inevitable common quote by Albert Einstein, yet too true to this show: "Logic will take you from A to Z, imagination will get you anywhere". 
The AD Metamorphose show, is the living testimony.

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