Saturday, August 17, 2013


I haven't been to Ibiza in a while, I had an apartment there, in Cala Tarida ( North of the island). Well it was my mothers.
I never checked the scene back then, and still haven't this time. Techno, minimal tech, trans...etc rhyme with hell, the mere idea of stepping into Le Privil├Ęge, Amnesia, DC10, Space, Pasha or any of those oversized, trash clubs, with kids, and older kids (too old to mingle with pre-school kids, but drugs do tend to spare all kinds of bounderies) high as kites since 3 days, bouncing frenetically to "noise"(Crucifixion may await me for this offence to world venerated DJ's) in a space that could fit a 1000 cows feels just like Satan's plot. 

Yet Ibiza ironically, is heaven if you can contemplate silence, stunning nature, breath taking turquoise waters. The old historical part of Ibiza is simply so beautiful, cars can barely pass and piloting skills will be put to test, but the reward is worth the scratchs.  
Another fact that changes the entire equation, is heading there with your tightest friends...This is a Hi, at least mine.

Cruising on the sailing boat headed to Formentera

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