Thursday, June 6, 2013


This exhibition, at the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space is by far one of the most exiting, fun, and cunningly curated show I've had the luck of seeing in the past few month. Only Cindy Sherman was missing, as at the core of this show, resides the notion of Identity and its interpretation through "the other". So Mme Sherman being you, me, Cher, or any other women or man for that matter is missing !!! I LOVE YOU CINDY.

The proportion of this show keeps you on your tip toes craving for more. The rate of visits in a week day morning is close to church like audience, hence Leigh, Gil, Reza, Pierre, Tomoko...all dead or alive artists in display were mine, I was blessing every single one of them. I was guided by the intern who narrated like a living book the moving and affective stories of the artists selected in Alterité - Je est un autre. 

The whole display, is an opus. The paintings, sculptures, installations are music to my ears. You are even invited to touch the cosy, gigantic knitted sphere tilted TumTum made by Gil Yefman. The anatomical parts of our bodies are in question here, hence penises, vaginas, sperm, piss, shit is knitted in a way that it reminded me of Joana Vasconcelos. 

So, by the end of the visit, the cherry on the cake was the encounter with Gil Yefman and Peter Ashworth who so happended to wonder around. The later is responsible for portraying Leigh Bowery's images, in other words a piece of living history before my eyes. Peter was explaining to me that Leigh's sister still lives in Leigh's apartment, on commercial road, and that its pretty much un-touched. Peter Ashworth, has many tales we'll read soon about, like his "little affair with Annie Lennox", whom he shot the the cover album of. Peter was introduced to the Blitz kids scene, by milliner Stephen Jones.

(this is an interesting sum up of the Blitz kids.)

Gil and I cuddled with his sculpture, I was getting a little wild ( no i didn't take of my clothes) and in the heat of the moment Peter shot a few portraits...Those are the treasured moments one gets by not attending the opening. Alterité- Je est un Autre bear's the intensity of emotions a bride may feel walking down the aisle, though this seemed more fun. Actually bottom line is that I've never walked the aisle, i'm sure it must be cool!

 I haven't mentioned the illustrations of Reza Hazare, nore the self portraits of Tomoko Sawada as a Harajuku girl, because I'll let you wonder into this maze of poignancy that this show has to offer.

Welcome to the home of Leigh Bowery by Peter Ashworth.

The sculpture who eventually would leave me dumbfounded titled TumTum,  is originally a biblical term. Un Israel however, nowadays the meaning conveys someone idiotic, hence the meaning of stupidity is vivid. I don't recall the interpretation that Tumtum conveys around the sculpture, but in the whole its a visual trans.

Gil Yefman now a future feature of AÏE 5 and I posing in front of his master piece by Peter Ashworth. That was simply such a cool afternoon!!

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