Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I landed in N.Y.C from London in 2008 after Six mighty years in London, with a broken heart. No land was far enough from Europe so I flew away, as far as I could to avoid ever seeing him again. Like an immigrant, fresh off the boat, I tried to adapt to the American way of life. I didn't ask for much, but it was clear I was OK to take off my kit for little money. I was introduced to the artist Slater Bradley. This is the outcome back then, when little did I care about what tomorrow could bring...Euhhh, now things are a little different!! - You live you learn.

That was funny, the singer Ciara came to our house to be featured in the 3rd issue of AÏE magazine. She insisted on my mother being in the picture. My mother was so not feeling the height her Christian Louboutin heels added to her giraffe like figure and begged not to be part of the memorabilia, because us Latinas, have thighs not height !! Ciara would not have it otherwise as mom had welcomed her in her in her home, and Ciara was so grateful of the welcoming. I didn't feel that glorious either next to the stunning singer...

We asked Mr Azzedine Alaïa if it was fine to dress his friend, the actress Rossy de Palma in his amazing crocodile collection. 
Here we are, Alaïa girls at the Saint James Hotel.

This was most certainly the best time of my life at the Nokia stadium in Los Angeles. I totally had a fanned out when Meth came walking of stage and people were raising there arms to enable him to walk on us pretty much. They were like super heroes, consequently a big mush pit formed, that was fun...

Saying goodbye...that was tough.

London with my best mate and muse Nuha Razik from the band Arrows of Love.

London, crashing at a Lamborghini show.

Los Angeles, the land where all my favourite memories remain. This shot was pretty epic, as it was shot by Chris Cunningham.

After fashion, If I was to re-do a career I would be a veterinarian. I LOVE dogs, and cats. I can't help stopping them in the street and kissing them.

In N.Y.C visiting my art director Kleber Matheus. As I said, pets carry a huge importance in my life...does that interest anyone...?! 

In Tokyo, I thought this girl's t-shirt was pretty accurate.

I think he meant who spilt the beans...No?

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