Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Working from the Standard Hotel in Miami is a wise choice. They were cool as a cucumber towards AÏE mag and helped with the production. Wearing my Pistol Panties J-Lo look-a-like swimsuit and my retro looking Tom Ford sunnies.

Wondering of at 7am in the streets of Miami Beach.

Attaining heaven around 7am. The beach was empty, calm and stunning. The best decision one can do at 7am - with the little help of a let-lag.

Wearing my blue-eyed boy like bathing suit, a present from the designer Deborah Fleming, the founder of Pistol Panties. They are by a long shot the most beautiful and cool swimwear make.
My ride, fast and furious... At last we could go very fast. In America a helmet is NOT an obligation, I'm holding it as a prop not as a protection. For once that I was going to ride "Les cheveux dans le vent," there would be no question for me of wearing it...

Visiting the famous Biltmore Hotel to assess it for the location where Bunny Yeager and Paz de la Huerta would meet, and where we would eventually shoot. The pool was the biggest in a hotel in Florida for a while, it has real pretty retro looking Roman-like statues.

The view from the French suite.

The dining area.

The stunning staple of Paz de la Huerta chilling in her hotel room at the Betsy Hotel.

Lebron James from The Miami Heat scores 2 seconds before the end of the match. They won whilst we were about to commence shooting. This was a good omen.

Paz de la Huerta getting ready in a Pistol Panties bathing suit made to order for her and the legendary photographer Bunny Yeager.

Moi holding the pillow I carry everywhere I go as it reminds me every morning to " Keep Calm and Carry on." 

Moi at the Miami airport dealing with excess luggage from all the looks of the shoot, and ultimately having to wear a Roberto Cavalli jacket in the heat of Miami. Merci air conditioning.

Moi teasing the British Airways pilote and arriving home sweet home in Paris.

Hanging out at the Standard Hotel overlooking the bay.

The Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron prodigious Miami Art Museum which looks like an open air parking and building.

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