Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mr Jean-Claude Jitrois is the Parisian leather designer, the founder of the Jitrois brand, and the nicest person I've encounter so far - like literally - SO nice. The one who invented "stretch leather" and for the past 30 years makes women HOT (Mr Ala├»a gets a lot of props for making women turn into gems too, they're the same generation). 
Mr Jitrois has been "To hell and back, and (thought) it was great"... From his tales with Andy Warhol to the fittings with a chubby pre-mega Gaga,  Mr Jitrois happened to be the finest, interesting talk I've had in a while. Tea at his, was like sitting in a hall of the Tate Modern but Mr Jitrois doesn't find Botero's work appealing at all, so he gave his Botero to his assistant...

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