Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A left over from an AÏE story. An exhausted Alex, caught in the wanders of Latex. I was minding my own business as I was "packing", but Koby Boafo caught me hand in the cookie jar in the bathroom wearing the amazing Sophia Webster heels. 

Dressing the girls in latex, talcing their fine bodies, lubricating their endless legs, spraying the latex with silicone and basically executing all the safety measures for the good care of latex I think I'm contemplating Cashmere fetish. Its starting to even make sense to me, those that screw in total mohair gear are a little more cosy.

To please your babe - male or female of course - in latex that is, just hope he/she's patient enough whilst you get ready, and not diverting into looking at a football score. Latex mean's time, but yeah...You'll look outrageously confident, ready to screw or whip. 

Going through the meticulous process of protecting and caring for latex, I decided I'd have a go at what latex feels. Well its flesh on flesh really, and it suck's all that extra, unwanted, tedious extra annoying fat, so that you will, in turn become a look-a-like cat women. A 99.9% turn on for any vicious human being.

My treasured souvenir from Tokyo !! 
This bag is given upon the purchase of a plush at the Ghibli Museum. This is the main character from the Miyasaki film Porco Rosso - If its of any interest to you. It should, Hayao Miyazaki is my hero. Long live Miyazaki !

Thank you so much Supreme. 
I received an unexpected Fedex delivery an early very snowy morning. The hoody has been on me for the past 10 days non stop, as I have not been home since then - allowing adults in Paris to wonder what the hell is inscribed on it - Little do they know... And behind last but not least the recent collection of scarf maverick Yassin Lahmar.

 Stuff I'd dream to have 

Some kid in the USA is making these mad spectacles 
"Cream Dream"

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