Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is the un-edited version of one of our nights, where I would entertain Mark stripping for him to Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West, I refused to strip to Morrissey which I had to listen to everyday, and that really didn't match the activity.

One of the marvellous things I can recall of our Versailles escapades was the donut Mark did on the terrains of the Versailles Palace. The thought of un-tamed speed, like you can experience on German highways was an ongoing fantasy. We rented - That - BMW and I was lucky to have -The"driver". Be cautious what you wish for, I wanted to play Bond, I got burned... 

Mark drove on the "périferique"(Paris ring road) like a racer, winding his way passing every car, it was orgasmic, until the sirens concluded our fun. Eventually the fines where getting to us, and of  course we pushed our luck so far, that we eventually got arrested. The license, the car, and endangering our lives got confiscated, so we eventually had to fly to L.A to fix that.

I grew up in France, and the term DONUT in a mechanical context, was something unheard of for me. Mark wanted to introduce me to what a Donut was.

In front of the Palace of Versailles at 3am, he drove on the avenue de Paris (one of the widest in Europe - I think) on 300 meters roughly, at 130 km per hour (passing at that speed my mothers house!!) - hit the brakes, skidded over 360 degrees, fucked the tires, made an alarming noise and ultimately gave me the most commanding merry-go-round to this day.

I honestly thought that was the end of the Palace's entrance gate, and that our lives were in the hands of the supreme court, and that Mark and I would write to each other from our respective prisons.

 We would have fun crashing at my dad's when we were unexpected, uninvited, undesired - dad never knew. Like the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, we came, we ate, we slept, and we left. 

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