Friday, February 8, 2013

This brand, is created by a wise-child that art directs ads at BETC (one of the major-est advertising agencies in the world) but who seems to have more than one trick up his sleeve. 

His position, which is off course undeniably awesome, has an inconvenience - it does not provide spare time to get bored or layed. You're clearly married to the mob, and that's all there is to it. Anyways, he's found time to deliver these t-s's. I thought they were pretty funny!

It seems that Parisian bad boys or should I say: "Thoughies that ain't no too though when real beef shits the fan"sport the jumper below. 
So we'll give our bad-boy victim the credit for the "thoughy looking jumper"

CRAPULE IN FRENCH MEANS CROOK OR LOW-LIFE. Its not even a slang word we use nowadays, so if you're attempting to learn French, and you choose to insult me by calling me "Crapule" I'll laugh, anybody will - Just warning...

This is a video of me walking barefoot in L.A in my classic handmade overalls. It's all upside down, and boring, but its edited in Pink...

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