Saturday, February 2, 2013

Despite Mr Fançois Hollande, taxing us to the max, consequently Parisians turning a little bitter, their ain't nothing sour about this gang. The re-current criterion of artists, since the dawn of times, is their optimism, and this, against all odds. An artist will create and this way he'll gloat over life. Yassin Lhamar is engulfed into the realm of silk - made in Como- (Italy). For this collection, he designed the graphics of his silk scarfs with - black masking tape - From there he builds whatever his imagination dictates. The outcome is amazing, and the staple is certain. You'll recognize an Hermès scarf from a mile, a McQueen scarf for its skulls, and you'll eventually spot a Lhamar from afar. 

The result, of masking tape, patience & talent.

Technicolor samples 

The man behind the scarf

 My wish list 

The End

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