Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yesterday was the opening of Inez's and Vinoodh's show. A fairly small "retrospective" of their prestigious portraits were shown, combining past and present work. Portraits, and still life's of flowers, were √† l'ordre du jour. We're told Inez &Vinoodh vow a boundless love for mother nature, hence both passions are exposed: People & Botanics. 

I'll give the photographer & fxxing amazing image maker David Sims a better mark, and major thumbs up in the botanic field. Inez's & Vinoodh's flowers convey less emotions, but my oh my...the portraits are simply fantastic,  to the point you're debating asking the galerist the very NO NO question:
- "How much?". A print that size, with the emotions it shakes of, must be a rate as high as Gaga singing just for you. 

As I'm gazing into Gaga, as Joe Calderone, Gaga's alter-ego she created in 2011 ( Jo apparently is an Italian-American from New-Jersey); a person approachs me.
 " Who is it ?"- Voil√†, the result of the work of an future pop icon, a fashion consultant and the talent of Inez&Vinoodh will even fool the consul of Italy ( we got taking...). Undeniably a stately show; small but impactful. For those who, for the past 20 years have solidly followed their work, you'll be wishing you had the dough...

Lady Gaga

James Franco


Joe Calderone

Trish Goff - Possibly, one of my favourite portraits of all times, you don't do sexier than Trish here. 
I want to look just like that at home.

Inez van Lamweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Frankie Ryder

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