Monday, January 21, 2013

The entrance of Nour Hammour's headquarters, is a staggering setting. Put it this way, I'd happily live in the concierge's lounge - its that kind of building. 

Its the routine of Nour and Erin who, with a serious and sharp understanding of marketing and design, founded Nour Hammour. 

At this early stage not a stone is left unturned, Erin & Nour have sized the business of high quality leather goods beyond its limits, so that your purchase is made to suit YOU and they mean it - ONLY YOU.
The meticulous design on this second collection has proven to be a success, and rewarded with Harvey Nichols order. So, what Nour Hammour is all about - for now, and for sure, for good - is rendering the stud a texture rather than an embellishment.
  Their concern lies in the quality of their leather, the cut of the studs, the metals on the leather...and so on.
They study, live, breath leather & studs.

Nour Hammour merges the Arabian femme fatale, with the refined Parisian Belle du Jour; and all in all with its Rock&roll DNA, you'll find its the kind of leather jacket you'll devoure for decades because it fits you like no other. 
No more - no less.

ERIN & NOUR from Nour Hammour

A classic from Nour Hammour which is more likely to one day smell of Lady Gaga's perfume, rather than rest on Michelle Obama's shoulders. 

Nour's irresistible granny.
It illustrates the level of taste that runs in the family.

Erin fixing a more "conservative" look.

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