Friday, January 4, 2013

Teenage boyfriend memories...
I would tag "Chika", and shamelessly I still do - though I include my partner nowadays to lighten the guilt. I've christened him Chulo hence its "chica&chulo"across the globe. Back then all around the school, it would be Chika -This lovely German teenage love of mine, which mesmerisingly I do not recall the name of, prove to be bloody good at graffiti. I kept this folder until a few days ago - Fxxx nostalgia, hello tomorrow. 

Saddam's defeat which I cutout in my dorm whilst at college.

Searching for the perfect pose at home...

Goodbye 2012, its was cool, fun, scary, adventurous, new, tempestuous, solid, weak, frenetic, calm, sunny, rainy, windy, misty, wet, dry, dreadful, exhilarating, fun, awesome...On the overall not too much to complain about - I still managed to keep my feet, legs, and aqua blue eyes despite skating on MG's shoulder on a transition...So far so good.

Sum-up of 2012. L.O.V.E. Pretty displays by L.V at Gallery Lafayette Paris.

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