Saturday, January 5, 2013

I used to feel pretty sympathetic towards my drawings, and the though process that would go into them.
Like here, the word Mistake, turned out to be Miss Steak glued onto my sunglasses, conveying the idea that I liked flesh for some reason, and that perhaps down the line, my ancestor some were cannibals !! 
All this was proven quite successful, as I recall my tutors believing they were "fascinating" graphic designs first steps. I recall this did in fact pump oxygen into my brain. The tutor resembled to a young and divine Christopher Walken. He had the same elegance and aura as this fine actor. Unfortunately my stubbornness took over, and I decided not to follow his announcement...

My girls were often my guinea pigs, but I did think majorly about these goddesses.
Hence I would photograph them in every possible position, place and fashion to mould them into another persona, I had previously envisioned.

And if my muses weren't around, or had better things to do, rather than spend a day crawling, jumping, walking in high or low temperatures, I would get into there position and feel the pain.

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