Saturday, January 5, 2013


This time AÏE magazine trailed Tom Sachs, for its up and coming IVth chapter. 
Its not far fetched in saying that Tom Sachs is a modern day Mc Gyver who resolves artistic equations rather neutralising a bomb. His scientific knowledge and his astonishing hand crafted sculptures has earned him worldwide acclaim. Amongst the wildly interesting answers that garnish this feature, T.Sachs referred to this beautiful song. 


We were talking about inventions, progress, and the mission to the moon...In those days the debates over research and exciting discoveries were overwhelming the media. However United-States of America's population didn't see the resourcefulness in a mission to the moon, though for most of Americans it was a prowess and a pride. For those who thought it was a wasteful investment, when money should be intrusted towards the wellbeing of civilians...this song was composed.

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