Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Gman's take on Salvador Dali's artwork. 
Mark vandalised our Dali book, then chose the picture of a sculpture, ripped it out of the book, and made the page his by drawing over the sculpture. Once he was done, I took one of my drawings, and vandalised his drawing. I collaged it over his, and here we are.

 I got very frustrated, like half of the population that has an artistic feel, when Polaroid stopped doing their famous Polaroid that were of course - Practical, instant, great, as they made you shine no matter when. I used to go to a department store in London, buy one and get one "free". Those were the days, one had to find ways to pay for one's artwork. During the period of 2/3 years, I don't how many Polaroids I made mine for "free". I used them, and abused of them, hardly caring about they're value. Some times I would consume a pack or two a day, I had Polaroids coming out of my ass.
But now its over, its about instant everything - velocity x 10. 

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