Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ellen Von Unwerth excerpts from the Revenge book, I once owned and that was stolen in London during the raid in my apartment :(

OXFORD - ENGLAND 2002 - the school project at Camberwell College of Art entailed designing an outfit. This was my version of a corset...!

Front side view of my corset in the streets of Oxford. My friend Emilie Praticco personified the role of a photographer, and did a bloody good job considering the book worm she truly is.

Art project also for College with Elle as usual being the mastermind. Elle Azhdari had one hell of a will power, even if you didn't know anything about her, she would convince you to lend her your Porches for a project, and you'd be pickle...You can't say NO to Elle, otherwise the gates of hell would open .
Elle met a gentleman with a nice house in old street, a few days later the six of us were in his house producing a shoot...

School stuff from Camberwell days...

- R. Kelly performing for Whitney Houston - 2012

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