Friday, December 14, 2012

Earliest production from school days with Elle. We got into the Miller's hotel, a fine guest house/Hotel ultra homie, ultra luxurious...ultra "you're in a royal living room". The gang got into the living room. Young crowd, loud, in research of style, smelly...Aside from Elle whose got an addiction to soap and deodorant. Anyways we barged in, the living room was already being used as a set - and the sofa was occupied by a fine man. Our rumour made him turn around - Hugh Grant was being interrupted...

Below, was a location, in the middle of nowhere ... In the very fine middle of nowhere...Where murder could be commited, and no one would ever hear you. My usual partners in crime, Ji, Nura, a couple of other cats and moi got into Hugo's mantion. Hugo had given into my whim, when I begged him to lend us his house to shoot yet another project. Hugo was a customer of the shop I worked at, so whilst I would hem his trousers we would talk, and this way, we got acquainted. Once he mentioned he acquired a ruin in the middle of nowhere in Oxford, this triggered " LOCATION = SHOOT". A couple of weeks later , we left on this lengthy journey, with bags and bags of clothes, and equipment. 
 That is what is called perceverance. I still can't believe the milage we walked to get to the house, with all those clothes and heavy equipment...all this for the cause - I do love my friends

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