Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All my favourite albums - or at least some of them.

Issy Blow... R.I.P - Isabella Blow used to purchase "whatever", next to the shop I worked at. I'm making it seem as though it was a routinely thing, but really it was exceptional, like a dream. I saw her once, and that was it. I'd arrive at 8am and pop by at the grocers too before heading to work. She was there starring at the veggies, and I'd be starring at her, starring at the veggies. The grocers was the fancy one called Fresh and Wild, bought up by the organic mogul Whole foods. All the veggies look fake they're so polished.
Issy cought me starring. This was very unfortunate as I was dressed in my all-in-one black uniform. The classic of a shop girl,  nothing to debate about, and certainly nothing worthy to stare at. Yet she did look into my eyes, the only blue thing I had on that day - But that was it - I, nonetheless couldn't keep my darn blue eyes of her and of that extraordinary Alexander McQueen checkered ankle length dress, he possibly had made just for her. This gown came straight out a Twin Peaks set or out of my fantasies, it was the most fantastic living piece of art work. I was heading into work whilst Issy was most certainly stepping out of a party. Her sunglasses betrayed her, but what was most sweet or cool and that was to become a classic of Blow, was that smudged bright red lipstick. Most certainly too many kisses to receive and give had smothered her red lipstick over her rosy cheeks.
Isabella Blow is a Gemini, the G.Man met her too in Milan...That must have been one hell of an encounter.

Me getting dressed to go to school. Mom, Johanna and I lived in this tiny apartement in Saint-Germain-en-Laye where my school was. This is most probably a self-portrait.

I was never a fan of our contemporary Marianne - emblem of France - otherwise called Vanessa Paradis, but its got to be said, she does look like a sweety there.

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