Monday, November 26, 2012

When I used to work with this genius for a second behind a bar, she rolled in YSL platformed sandal type shoes tied to the ankle, shorts, and a knotted t-shirt to the waist - Yes, you could tell the immaculate figure - and to top it off - a confidence that charms every style fanatic. You can't help it, you are drawn to Gabriella's look. This was in 2007 - Now Gabby as she's called in the tight knit of the very happy few, is a self asserted designer, praised by the elite English media.
AÏE interviewed her for its first issue and she coined these quotes below. I recall a major argument with the art director of the time, who refused to layout these quotes into the spread. As it seemed unanimous that these quotes were not suited for the spread, I took it upon me. Yet I've kept them because I love the honestly that lies through these lines.  

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