Sunday, November 4, 2012

Perseverance, is at first what is striking in Paulina Leonor's work -  innovation, passion, unconditional mastery in the art of crochet are also suited words. To explain Paulina Leonor's crochet pieces, evidently "perseverance" would be degrading for its not just that.

If crochet is becoming increasingly popular in Paris, if girls are goody goodies lately, its Paulina's passion which became contagious. Parisian feisty kittens are storing their claws, and pulling out their crochet needles this winter, during her champagne fueled crochet classes.

The result of Paulina Leonor's frenzy is seen in 3-Dimensional too as she crotchet's life size dummies or mythological figures such as a Centaur. Crochet is to Paulina, what wool is to sheep ; vital and visceral. Odly Paulina uses sheep's attire to bring out its fullest beauty, as long as its organic !! For over 10 years Paulina has taught herself over 300 crochet nots and has even invented some. When asked why and how she looked into crochet, she answers : "I found this path to calm my teenage crisis". If only my teen dilemmas had been this productive... Below is an example of Paulina's work -

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