Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dearest Lindsay,
"Thank you" for your collaboration to the world of fashion, an invitation i hope you enjoyed!
I do hear some say it's best you stay in your realm - The acting world is undeniably more suited for you; wouldn't you agree?

One must acknowledge your "heart attack" collection attempt was not all THAT bad...I've got to give it to you the white cutter cut heart jacket warn gracefully by mom is an attempt...only it's not quite enough is it?

Dearest colleagues, ( for those who might not know) MR Deacon will be THE man behind Emanuel Ungaro for the seasons to come.
Lets see what the master unveils and lets pray he'll save the day.

This silk hearted skirt...Head to L'espadon at the Ritz Restaurant Place Vedôme wearing it, you'll be graced with compliments. I suppose the "heart effect" has reveals positive statistics!

I was a little "heart broken", leaving behind the white leather mini skirt..gosh is it me , or am i actually liking it...!!

And a few more hearts...glittery and sequin hearts. No Lindsay, NO you can't do that. Not the disco ball.

The dresses were hanging of the rails far from were i was to do my pull.
As i approached; I was advised to be careful : "they are rare...and unique- all made by Mr Ungaro"
They had been dusted in an attempt to revamp the house for the EMMY awards. They never or very rarely see the light. They come out if you're surname should be Stone, Swinton, or Sarandon..less Lohan perhaps.
This piece of art is a couture piece - Giles pulled it aside, wondering where for the past decades, the succeeding designers had been lingering instead of gazing into the one does.

I recall my mother in this outfit back in the days. The Ungaro piece from the 1980's

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